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Harbour Braided Wire Separator

Harbour Industries knows how to make high quality, reliable cable. We are constantly improving our processes and in the past year have brought new equipment online and added engineering resources to support our specialty wire and cable manufacturing. Bringing Harbour's 70 years of experience in the Aerospace industry, this gives you a great option for mission-critical space cables. All of our products are wholly manufactured in the USA so we can guarantee that your defense programs will be ITAR compliant. Our available lightweight and ultra-lightweight conductors and shield materials combined with state of the art radiation-resistant insulations are just some of the features that support the ideal products for space.

Benefits of working with Harbour:

• 100% US manufacturing
• Easy termination with standard shield and jacket materials
• Manufacturing Scalability
• Capacity for both large and small programs


Product Features:
• -65 C to 200 C temperature range
• Radiation Resistance jacket and insulation materials that  range 30 - 100 mrads
• Low outgassing per ASTM E-595 (<1% TML and <0.1% CVCM)
• Coax constructions that have low insertion loss and range up to 18 GHz
• Low Passive Intermodulation (PIM) capable with proper termination
• 50% shield weight savings than the competitor and, 30% total weight savings in our Power and Coax space-grade cables
• 300 megarads for polyimide jacketed power cables per MIL-STD-883

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