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Harbour Braided Wire Separator

Harbour Industries has aerospace data cables in virtually all the major In-Flight Entertainment and In-Flight Connectivity system suppliers worldwide. Harbour DataMaster® cables offer a complete and innovative line of high-speed data designs from Twisted Pair to Quadrax to Gigabit Ethernet cables. In fact, Harbour is the first cable manufacturer to offer an aerospace-grade Category 8 cable! Plus, we have the foundation to scale up production quickly and deal with surges in demand both with materials and machine capacity.


Here are some links to our products that may be a fit for your systems:

Looking for an equivalent?

Chances are Harbour already manufactures a replacement. Here's a chart with our available part numbers crossed to products that are functionally equal. Our suggested alternatives do not have their constructional differences listed. Please call or email us with any questions.

 Application AWG  Impedance  Harbour P/N CarlisleIT P/N W. L. Gore P/N
Ethernet 22 100  Q10022310 NF22Q100-01   -
24  Q10024314  NF24Q100 GSC-03-84608-00
Q10024016 NF24Q100-01  GSC-03-84608-00
26 Q10026301  NF26Q100 GSC-03-84820-00
 Q10026301  NF26Q100-01  GSC-03-84820-00

  Gigabit Ethernet

24 100 E10024065  MX10G-24HP
E10024065 & E10024106  MX10G-24  RCN9034-24 
26 E10026107  MX10G-26  RCN8966-26
Cat 8 24 E10024258 - RCN9034-24
26 E10026243 - RCN9047-26
ARINC 629 24 100 E10024175 24463/9P025X-2(LD)   DXN2602
Q10024314 24443/9P024X-4(LD)  GSC-03-84608-00 
CANbus 24 120 E12024215 CAN24TST120  GSC-03-85752-24D 
E12024216  CAN24TDT120  -
1394a 24 110 E11024098 24483/03063LX-6(LD)   -
USB 2.0 26/22 90 E09026097  NF26/22USB(A) RCN8800-26D-24P-H 


Harbour Industries has been extremely fortunate to be able to keep our facility running during these tenuous times. First and foremost Harbour’s has placed our employees’ health and safety as the number one priority. Quite simply there are no compromises when it comes to our employees well-being!

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