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PTFE Insulated Wire and Cable

PTFE wire and cables have a temperature rating of -65° up to 200ºC when silver plated copper conductors are used and -65° to 260ºC when nickel plated copper conductors are used.

PTFE  insulated wire has excellent thermal, physical, and electrical properties especially suitable for internal wiring applications where insulation melt-back is an issue during the soldering operation.  PTFE wire and cables are resistant to oil, oxidation, heat, sunlight and flame, and are also resistant to ozone, water, alcohol, gasoline, acids, alkalis, aromatic hydrocarbons and solvents.

PFA Insulated Wire and Cable

PFA insulated wire and cable is an excellent choice for high temperature applications.  PFA insulation can withstand operating temperatures up to 260° C, and has superior mechanical strength at high temperatures as compared to FEP insulation.  PFA also exhibits excellent low-temperature toughness. PFA insulated wire and cable is also used in applications requiring a chemical resistant wire and cable. PFA insulation is inert when exposed to most industrial solvents and chemicals. PFA insulation retains its useful properties in temperatures ranging from –200° C to +260°C. 

FEP Insulated Wire and Cable

FEP insulated wire and cables are used in high temperature applications and harsh environments. FEP insulation is inert in most chemical environments and exhibits excellent resistance to high temperatures.  FEP insulated wire and cable displays very low flammability, excellent weather resistance and electrical stability.  FEP insulated wire performing well in temperatures ranging from -200° C to +200° C (-328° F to +392° F) is commonly used in chemical, electrical, and medical applications.

ETFE and ETFE 750 Insulated Wire and Cable

Both ETFE and ETFE 750 insulated wire and cables are heat resistant up to 150° C and display high levels of mechanical toughness, flexibility and abrasion resistance.  Therefore ETFE insulated cables are typically used in applications requiring good mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and the ability to withstand high temperature environments and electrical stability.  ETFE insulation exceeds the mechanical properties of both PTFE and FEP. The operating range of EFTE insulated wire and cable is from -100° C up to +150° C

ETFE750 can easily be stripped and terminated, making this insulation an excellent, cost-effective alternative product to braided silicone rubber. ETFE750 offers superior thermal stability and resistance to aging. ETFE 750 high-temperature lead wires are used in both major and small appliances, lighting fixtures, igniters, heating elements, and other applications up to 200° C. 


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