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MGT, also known as MG cable, has a 27% nickel coated copper conductor with insulation layers of glass reinforced mica tapes, and an overall high temperature fiberglass braid.  These insulating layers allow Harbour's MGT cable to be used at operating temperatures up to 450°C or as high as 538°C in non-UL applications.   

MGT cable, 300V or 600V rated, can be used in many different high temperature environments such as equipment wiring in steel mills, cement kilns, and glass manufacturing plants. Common applications include internal wiring for electric heaters and commercial, industrial and household ovens. 

450° C Products

300 V  UL Style 5128, Slipstrip R 5360 CSA

600 V  UL Style 5107, Slipstrip R 5359 CSA

550° C Products

300/600 V  UL Style 5390 & 5425 / CSA

TGGT (Teflon / Glass / Glass / Teflon) has a flexible stranded nickel-coated copper conductor with insulation layers of PTFE tapes, wrapped fiberglass yarns, and an overall fiberglass braid. The braid is then treated with a high temperature saturant making the cable resistant to flame, heat and abrasion.  Harbour's TGGT cables are rated at 300V and 600V and a temperature rating of 250°C. 

TGGT cables are typically used for internal wiring of commercial, industrial and household ovens, cooking and drying equipment. TGGT cables are suitable for severe hot-spot locations in industrial processing and may be used in both damp and dry environments. 

300 V  UL Style 5257 & 5180 / CSA

600 V  UL Style 5256 & 5257 / CSA


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