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M27500 (WC27500)

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NEMA WC 27500 cables are constructed for use in aircraft and ground support equipment for commercial and military applications. The following constructions outline just a few of the Mil Spec cables that Harbour manufactures.

The M27500 Cable specification is commonly used to describe both shielded and unshielded cable constructions for avionics, aerospace and airframe applications. Conductor size, insulation type, number of conductors, shielding material and jacket compound are included in the guide below.

  WC27500 Reference Guide

NEMA WC 27500 - RC-06 Extruded PTFE

SAE AS22759/11 inners.

  RC-06 Extruded PTFE Datasheet

NEMA WC 27500 - RC-09 Extruded PTFE

SAE AS22759/11 inners.

  RC-09 Extruded PTFE Datasheet

NEMA WC 27500 - TE-14 Extruded ETFE

SAE AS22759/16 primary conductors.

  TE-14 Extruded ETFE Datasheet

NEMA WC 27500 - TG-14 Extruded ETFE

SAE AS22759/18 inners.

  TG-14 Extruded ETFE Datasheet


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