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Harbour Braided Wire Separator

Harbour Industries, the global leader in high temperature and high performance cable manufactures a wide range of wire and cable for various industrial requirements. Applications include internal wiring for major appliances, commercial cooking equipment, heater elements, down-hole systems, and critical applications for nuclear, military, and aerospace markets.

Harbour uses the most advanced high performance materials and state-of-the art processing techniques thereby assuring the most cost effective and reliable products.

    Download a Table of Harbour Industries' UL recognized styles. 


For a complete listing of UL styles available please click here.

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• Used as a replacement to polyimide magnet wire in down hole motor applications and in large Class H and Class F high temperature motors. 

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• MGT - UL5128,5107,5360,5359

 MGT - UL5390, UL5425

• TGGT - UL5257, UL5180, UL5256, UL5127 
• TCGT - UL5331, UL5288

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• PTFE - UL1815, UL1659
• PFA/MFA - UL1726, UL1727 
 ETFE - UL1643, UL1644
 TFE Tefzel® 750 - UL10109, UL10086
 FEP - UL1330, UL1332 
 PTFE - UL1180, UL1199
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Silicone Rubber

• Braidless Silicone Rubber - UL3212, UL3213, UL3214, UL3529, UL3133, UL3134, UL3530, UL3135, UL3268

 Braided Silicone Rubber - UL3069, UL3070, UL3074, UL3075, UL3101, UL3122, UL3127, UL3231


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High Voltage Products

150º C, 200º C, 250º C 10KVDC, 15 KVDC, 25KVDC UL3239, UL10185, UL10202, UL3304, UL1911, UL3257
Click on the above title for specific constructions and product characteristics

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