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HS (High Strength) Coaxial Cable

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Specific applications

Harbour Industries HS (High Strength) coaxial cables are constructed for applications where breakage or fatigue is a concern. Frequently, installation or termination and severe vibration of smaller size MIL-DTL-17 coaxial cables result in stressing of individual strands of the outer braid or the center conductor. To correct this situation, Harbour’s High Strength HIS cables are configured with conductors exhibiting higher break strengths than standard silver plated copper. Accordingly, a flex life 25 times greater than comparable RG constructions can be expected. 

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Attenuation Calculator

Although typical and maximum attenuation values at discrete frequencies may be found in Harbour's online catalog, this Attenuator Calculator makes it easy to compare multiple items at any operating frequency. Just type a frequency in MHz (for instance 18 GHz = 18,000 MHz) to calculate and compare typical attenuation values.

Cable Outer
Maximum Frequency
(dB / 100 ft.)
LL120 .120 18,000
LL160 .160 18,000
LL142 .195 18,000
LL235 .235 18,000
LL335/LL335i .335/.300 18,000
LL142STR .195 18,000
LL270STR .270 18,000
LL450STR .450 13,000
LL480STR .480 11,000
SB316 .098 18,000
SB142/SB142i .195/.172 18,000
SB400 .195 18,000
SB304 .280 18,000
SB393 .390 11,000
SS405 .104 18,000
SS402 .163 18,000
M17/93-RG178 .071 3,000
M17/113-RG316 .098 3,000
M17/128-RG400 .195 12,400
M17/60-RG142 .195 12,400
M17/127-RG393 .390 11,000
SFL405-105Flex .115 18,000
SFL402-105Flex .180 18,000
LLS160 0.160 18,000
LLS160-40GHz 0.160 40,000
LLS195 0.195 18,000
LLS195STR 0.195 18,000
LLS290 0.290 18,000

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