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High Voltage Products

Harbour Industries HV High Voltage cables are for use where voltages exceed 1kV.  Special insulations have been selected to ensure no deterioratioin takes place under stress that may be caused by arc tracking or ozone produced by electric discharge in air.  Different types of High Voltage cables may be selected for use in various applications such as AC and DC electric power transmission, ignition systems, and instrumentation.  


High Voltage Braidless Silicone Rubber
UL3239 - 150° C  15 to 50KVDC
UL3257 - 250° C  10KVAC/25KVDC

High Voltage Braided Silicone Rubber
UL3304 - 200° C  10KVAC

High Voltage PTFE leadwire
UL1911 - 200° C  10KVDC/25KVDC/30KVDC


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