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Harbour Braided Wire Separator

Harbour Data Master® High Speed Aircraft Ethernet Cables

As a premier manufacturer of High Performance Wire and Cable, Harbour has developed a full line of high speed data cables for Aerospace applications. These constructions utilize "First-in-Class" product engineering along with cutting edge manufacturing techniques that provide advantages in weight, diameter and ease of termination to name a few.

Harbour's product and process engineering experience and expertise ensures high quality and uniform products manufactured in accordance with rigorous customer specifications and requirements. All Harbour cables are optimized to meet customers' electrical requirements taking into consideration FAA, ARINC, military and industrial specifications. Harbour's High Speed Data Cables are used for many demanding aerospace applications such as In-Flight Entertainment Systems, Cabin Management Systems, Ethernet Backbone Avionics, and Ground Vehicle Trunk and Bus.

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Data Master® Gigabit Ethernet

• Data Master® Aero provides 1000 Base T Cat 5e performance
• AeroBit's 10 Gigabit performance allows for future signal headroom
• AeroFit's smaller lighter weight cable provides 1000 Base T performance

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Data Master® Quad Constructions

• Four-conductor "Quadrax" cables support Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, USB, and 1394 standards
• 100 and 150 Ohm impedance, 150ºC and 200ºC rated, tested to 1 GHz

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Twisted Pair & Composite Constructions

• Data Bus, twinax, and multiconductor constructions

• One through five pair configurations in various gauge sizes and insulation types

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